About Us


We are Danny and Tenesia Pascal, a husband and wife team who have been causing havoc together since 2007 and founded Earth to Earth Organics in 2016. I (Tenesia) moved to England from Guyana in 2004 and with the change in climate, the hardness of the water and the processed food, I developed rashes all over my body. I did not want to use anything that was not natural to heal my skin so I started by changing my diet to a more natural one.

We could not find anything in the market at that time that was both cost effective and that healed/soothed my skin. I started researching natural ingredients, trying different combinations and eventually I found a winner. This was cemented by my nephew, who developed eczema, he coined it 'Aunties Magic Cream'. Danny fell in love with the butter so we stopped using any store bought products and only used products that we created. We knew that we had a winner and slowly started to create a range of body oils and body washes too that have been greatly received by all of our loyal and new customers.  

We are an environmentally conscious alternative to chemical-containing personal skin care that is available on the high street. We do not use water in our butters either to give our customers the rawest and most natural experience possible.  The environment we live in matters to us, so much so that we embarked on a journey to lead a plant based lifestyle from our vegan diets to our passion for growing our own food. You can catch us at our allotment on our Instagram stories and see what we're up to on a regular basis.  

It is important to us that we do our part, everything from the contents to the packaging comes from reliable, trusted sources and does not cost the earth. Thank you for joining us on our journey, it's only just begun. 


Our Ethos


To us, the Earth to Earth philosophy has always and will always be about health and happiness. We aim to inspire a more back to basics, natural and healthier way of living through whichever means possible.

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Through our skin care line we intend to not only give you the best and richest blends of soothing, moisturising skin care that will feed your body like no other, we also aim to push forward our global domination plans to spread hope and happiness wherever Earth to Earth lands.

From teaching young people how to grow food at our allotment to travelling the world, we are always trying our best to give when we can and live all of life’s experiences and we want you to be a part of that journey with us. Follow our stories on our social media pages, sign up to the newsletter or just get in touch with us to find out what’s next for us on this magical journey of life.