Liven Up Body Wash

Liven Up Body Wash

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This is our Liven Up Body Wash

Our body wash is a beautiful mixture of citrus fruit scented essential oils with a castile soap (vegetable oils) base, sure to uplift your mood. Handmade from all natural ingredients, our wash has a light texture and layers smoothly over skin. Safe to use on babies.
Free from:
-Artificial colours and dyes
-Synthetics and parabens
-Animal products and animal by-products
-Artificial Fragrances 

We do not dilute our items by adding any water or chemicals.
Ingredients: Castile soap, Essential oils: Lemon Grass, Sweet Orange, Naouli, Eucalyptus

Handmade by us, we swear by every Earth to Earth Organics product so we use them too because we believe in the best for ourselves as well as our customers.

For best results and usage, use during washing either with a wash cloth or by hand. Rub in before applying to body.

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