Our new packaging is finally here and it’s soooo sexy. Ahhh man we’re so excited about this!!! It’s taken us a little while to get it to where we needed it to be and we’re soooo pleased with the results. Gooo onnn we know that you want to have a really good look at them so click the link and view them all on our beautiful website. We’ve added a few new lines and have created three clear categories which are; Sweet Rose, Liven Up and Sunkissed. They all come with a body butter, a body oil and a body wash 🥳🥳 so go on spoil yourself, we know that you deserve it 😉⁣

🍃This all started by us commissioning a talented illustrator to create a piece for us, I think you’ll agree that @oohsoshar aced the assignment. We’d highly recommend Nadia for any art projects that you’d have coming up.⁣

🍃We took that to Rikesh from @wetheseeds_creative along with our love for Africa, tribal prints and the stories that they tell. Rikesh was able to surpass our expectations in every way of course we highly recommended @wetheseeds_creative for any of your future projects. ⁣

🍃As always we only work with people and brands that we trust, people that care about our vision and who work professionally. ⁣

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